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Roots of African locks available for the first time in Houston; a Beautiful petite locking technique with the Mission of delivering nonprofit career training to the Mother Land. 

Bring the beauty of your natural hair together with Versatility & Grace. 


Started with a blowout/detangled hair braided & twisted from the scalp with Interlocking Method maintenance

More reasons to choose rootlocks

Making mountains of money from a molehill - Start your Rootlocks business today

Who can start a business

Anyone with a passion for hair and a desire to succeed can start a Rootlocks business. As Gertrude, an owner of a Rootlocks shop in Houston explains, “A lot of people doubted me when I told them I wanted to open my own salon; they said it would be too expensive. But I found that you don’t need millions to have your own business. All you need is lots of love for the craft and the willingness to learn. Now, my shop brings in more money than I ever imagined!”

Being an entrepreneur has many financial benefits: You make your own hours, you keep the profits from your sales and you are able to make all decisions about how your business will run. Running your own Rootlocks business also means that as long as you are willing to put in the effort, there is no limit on how much success or money you can achieve!

Why should I start a Rootlocks business

Starting your own Rootlocks business lets you take control of your life and grow in ways you may have never thought possible. And there are many more benefits to joining the Rootlocks team, including:

You can make money doing hair. If you’re a skilled stylist who loves working with hair, this opportunity is for you! Our top-of-the-line course will help you create gorgeous looks while expanding your clientele on a regular basis.

You can be your own boss. Take control of how much money you want to make and how much time you want to spend doing hair by being your own boss. With our flexible schedule, all that matters is that clients are satisfied with their micro locs when they leave!

Being self-employed means making your own hours—you set the times that work best for both yourself and clients, which leads to fewer missed appointments and less stress overall. And if a client needs an appointment on short notice, it’s up to you if you want to accommodate them!

You can be a part of a community. Networking with other Rootlocks stylists using Same system to build lasting professional relationships that not only benefit your business but also increase opportunities for growth among peers as well as clients. Let’s All Win!! The support goes full circle—another reason why joining the Rootlocks team is such an amazing opportunity!

You can be part of a movement. The natural hair care industry has grown exponentially over the last decade, largely due to grassroots movements created by women who wanted healthier hair without sacrificing style options along the way. By becoming a member of the Rootlocks team, not only will you get access to our exclusive training but also jumpstart this movement within your community and beyond through both education about benefits like no social media marketing or continued support (possible referrals) as well as personal experience doing this every day ourself for our clients for over a decade.

How do I get started today with my Rootlocks business

It’s simple to join the Rootlocks team! The next class is list on our website:

To get started with your own Rootlocks business, sign up for our list on our website to receive new class notification FIRST. The business plan is an information-packed introduction to the world of Rootlocks, where you’ll learn all about our brand and discover why we’re continuing to be a top choice for everyone that needs their petite locs done. You’ll also hear from real-life users about how using our course has helped them reach their hair goals!

When it comes to learning more about how to start giving your clients beautiful locs & own Rootlocks business what are you waiting for? Sign up now and let us help you achieve your entrepreneurial dreams!

You can make money doing hair

Imagine making money doing hair. It sounds great, right? Now imagine doing it from your home, while working the hours you want. That sounds even better! But this isn’t just a dream—it’s the reality for Rootlocks stylists who work hard and make their dreams come true.

You can become one of these stylists, too! The toolkit you’ll receive when you sign up for our beginner’s training course will give you access to all the information and resources necessary to start your own business as a Rootlocks stylist.

There’s definitely no shortage of work in this industry—and when you’re a Rootlocks professional, there’s no shortage of money either! You’ll earn up to $50 per client consult(depending on your level of experience). And if that weren’t enough, our company also supports its stylists via social media to celebrate our professionals’ achievements together!🌎

Loving your Rootlocks for a lifetime

Dealing with itchy scalp Let’s start with the obvious reason: you’re not washing your locs enough. Remember that each day you wear your locs they are collecting dirt, dust and oils from your scalp, hair and skin. While this is the natural process of forming locs, it can cause itchiness if not properly washed on a regular basis. When you wash your hair with a good shampoo it is important to rub around the root area rather than just focusing on the loc itself. Pay special attention to the scalp because that’s where most of the itching probably occurs. It will take some time for your roots to adjust to being locked up and it’s likely that they will be more sensitive than usual at first. It’s also important to eat a healthy diet full of fruits and vegetables as well as drink lots of water throughout the day for optimal scalp health. And last but not least, you must use a strong moisturizer on a regular basis since moisture loss can exacerbate itchiness especially during colder seasons when dry air becomes more common in our homes and workplaces.

Locs can be loveable, too!

Locs are not just for dreads! Here at Love Your Locs, we believe that locs can be loveable, too. To help you care for your “locks” in a way that makes sense for your busy lifestyle and your hair goals, we offer the following tips. Locs can be styled in many different ways—from sleek and sophisticated to playful and fun. Whether you want to make a statement with a fancy updo or go casual with a slicked back look, locs are versatile enough to suit any mood or style.

Style versatility

You can wear your Rootlocks in a variety of styles, including down or up, curly and loose, braided down the back or to the side, in an updo, as a ponytail or bun, or even woven into other hairstyles. Rootlocks are also convenient for wig wearing and braid downs. Not only can you style your Rootlocks in many ways; they are also very easy to care for. One of the benefits of locking your hair is that it requires no combing—just gently separate the locks with your fingers when necessary. You can also shampoo your locs without separating them first. You don’t have to use a special shampoo designed for locks either—regular shampoo will work just fine if you want it to